January 23, 2014

January 21, 2014

Connecticut (and Philly!) Twin Newborn Photographer | Finian and Kieran

This session means so very much to me.  I have known and loved the momma of these little boys for 17 (how is that possible???!!) years now.  She lived on the same floor as I did when we were both freshmen in college and we became roomies for the next three years.  She is one of my best friends and I am so honored that she trusted me enough to capture these images of her precious baby boys.

I remember when she called me to tell me she was pregnant and I literally cried with happiness.  "I am catching up to you Laur!" she said!!!  So much love and excitement!

These little guys were born 8 weeks early, originally due on October 8th, coincidentally, my wedding anniversary!  I packed up my studio and traveled to her home in my beloved Philadelphia for the session.  Major kudos to all of you traveling newborn photographers out there, holy hardwork hauling all of that stuff around!

So, here are my favorite little twin boys...Finian and Kieran (Finian means fair and Kieran means dark, so it is a great way to tell them apart)...Much love to Allison and Patrick and both of their families!!!

 These images are of Kieran...

These images are of Finian...

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